Our history starts from 1892…
In 1892, at 25, Evripidou str., in the heart of old Athens, Othon Panagiotakis opened a small Ouzo Shop. The small Ouzo Shop changed form and became a flourishing distillery that gained the preference and love of old Athenians and also high circles of that time thanks to his unique OUZO and the splendid LIQUEURS.
From 1977, Vlassis Filippopoulos continues the historical distillery, and inherits all the secrets and the techniques of the distillery PANAGIOTAKI.
His devotion to the standards established by the founder Othon Panagiotakis, his firm insistence on the quality and the taste of creation made Vlassi Filippopoulo worthy agent of tradition and history, one of the oldest distilleries in our country. Today they open new prospects through the creation of new line of chosen products D' ARTEMIS such as OUZO, LIQUEUR, RAISIN, MASTIC, KERASMA.
Unique products in the area of Greek distillery for consumers who appreciate the quality and professionals who seek for a powerful ally in their work.